Stress And Mental Health

Collegiate Athletes

Research has shown collegiate athletes face many of the same stress factors as non-athlete students however collegiate athletes are more exposed to the physical demands and psychological burdens associated with sports.

NCAA athletes not only face difficulties surrounding the transition to adulthood and college studies, but they also face the pressure to remain in peak physical and mental condition concerning athletic performance (Moreland, J. J., Coxe, K. A., & Yang, J. 2018, p. 67). 

Stress Factors

  • Social adjustments.
  • Injuries or rehabilitation. 
  • Coaches, players, and fans pressuring or yelling at them. 
  • The commitment of having to be available for practice, games, and or travel.
  • Lack of sleep. 
  • Finances.
  • The burdens of committing to scholarship opportunity.
  • Academics.
  • Coronavirus-related stress.
  • Finding a job after graduation.